How Crowie Keeps his Head in the Game

Sleep, stretching, nutrition – all things we constantly consider as athletes seeking our best performance. But there’s one more essential element – mental wellness. We shared some of your questions with 5X Triathlon World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander to help us understand how he stays focused and motivated:


Ask Crowie

@Chopitaok: How did you manage to achieve a positive mental state after the 2010 world championship in Kona and win again so inspirationally the following year?

Crowie: Initially it was hard because I was so disappointed. Then I regrouped with my family and pin-pointed the areas I thought I could improve on and just relentlessly focused on those things.


@Gwinterf: There are the days where the sun shines and training is pure joy, there are days when clouds gather and self doubt and anxiety sets in…how do you go about blending the two?

Crowie: Just be consistent and always get the work done. There are definitely days when it “feels” easy and days when the opposite is true. They are the important days when you can gain the most physically and mentally. It is supposed to be fun/enjoyable but not easy. Embrace the challenge and take the hard days head on. Anyone can perform well when the going is easy.


@gorunner: How do you prepare for mental toughness. I mean right before start (short meditation, music, self talk)?

Crowie: I prepare mentally during training by visualizing different race situations. Right before the race, I read my training diary to reinforce one more time how much preparation/work has gone into the race and also think about the sacrifices my family has made so that I can be on the start line. If I need anymore motivation, some fast-paced music always helps!


@jdmoran84: Hey Crowie, I have lost all motivation for training. I’m avoiding all things triathlon, even social coffee rides. Work and family commitments have been full on, but I don’t want to make excuses. Do you have any tips on how I can get back on track? Thanks.

Crowie: Just make it fun. No pressure, no structure. Think about just trying to get moving again for quality of life, mindset and fitness. Train to feel good, not to go faster. Good luck.


@flick1009: How do you stay motivated?

Crowie: I am motivated by a simple commitment I made when I started out in the sport, to always do everything I could to be the best athlete possible. I am also motivated by my family and what they have sacrificed for me and my career.

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