Getting Personal with Crowie

When we asked you what YOU would ask 5x Triathlon World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander, we received a lot of questions about his life off the course and how he finds balance. Beyond physical fitness and risk of injury, things like careers and families can also change the way you train and compete. Here are some of our favorite questions:

Ask Crowie

@guy_andrews_: How has your training changed with age?

Crowie: Definitely much less volume than in peak years past. I try to do more swimming and cycling now relative to running, as they are non weight-bearing and tend to be more forgiving on the body. My endurance still seems good but I have definitely lost a little speed and strength, so incorporate training to address that. Gym sessions and specific indoor bike sessions. I do need more recovery than in the past as well.


@lore.ambrose: Do you find it harder to recover and come back from training? How much do you coach your kids?

Crowie:  Definitely harder as you get older. I try not to coach my kids too much but sometimes I just can’t help myself! I do help coach my son’s soccer team.  


@jon_madrid44: I met and talked with you for a while in 2013 in St. George, Utah. I was impressed with how you lit up when I asked you about your family. My question is, how do you balance triathlon and family? I have only met a few that seem to be able to do it. You seem to do it extremely well, and that is one reason I hold you in such high esteem.

Crowie: Balancing family life with triathlon can be difficult. I think you need to be very clear in your mind what your priorities/objectives are with family and racing, then plan carefully from there. Family for me is the most important thing and that is reflected in my decisions. When my children got older, I didn’t want to sacrifice more time away from them. This is ultimately why I stepped away from IM racing. I had 8 great years racing the longer events but it was extremely time consuming, especially when you factored in my sponsorship commitments. I decided to focus on shorter events (OD and half-IM). I can be very competitive at a world class level and still get a lot of family time. Best of both worlds!


@wiggles2808: Do you plan to compete in your 40’s and then 50’s?

Crowie: Well, I turn 45 in just over a month. Not sure about my 50’s though.


How do you balance training with the other things in your life? What are your best tips and tricks? Let us know on Facebook!