“Trying to get on that podium”


We asked what Unfinished Business you were tackling, and you answered!  Let the ambitious goal Cheryl shared with us inspire you:

Cheryl Palen of Green Valley, AZ is a long-term triathlon participant with a passion for her active lifestyle. Last year, muscle cramps kept her from competing at her best – this year, she’s aiming for peak performance to take on her Unfinished Business.

When did you get into triathlon?

 My first triathlon was in 1982 up near Phoenix, AZ. I registered the day before and there were two choices- an “iron” distance and a “half”- but the swim for the half was almost 2 miles, and the 56+ mile bike ride was interrupted briefly by a herd of sheep crossing the road (part of the course was on an Indian Reservation). I fueled mostly with M&Ms!

Have muscle cramps ever kept you from reaching a goal? Please tell us about it:

I have experienced cramping after a race a few times due to what I thought then to be dehydration. I have also experienced cramping during hard road/mountain bike rides (hammies!) on really hot days. Last year at Arizona 70.3 I had a good swim, a stellar (but conservative) bike ride and then cramped so badly on the run I was down on the sidewalk. I limped along (and walked) the half marathon. I went from being 1st in the swim, second in the bike and then dropped to 6th place in my age group for the run. No podium spot because of cramps!  I had HOTSHOT with me during the bike but didn’t carry on the run. My mistake!

What does “Unfinished Business” mean to you?

 Because I have been involved in triathlon for so long, “unfinished business” (or race revenge!) to me is trying to get on that podium – or just meeting/exceeding my goals set for myself for each discipline during the race.

What’s your Unfinished Business?

Doing Arizona 70.3 AGAIN in October as I had a stellar swim and bike but my hammies cramped so bad on the run (I was HYDRATED) that it knocked me to the ground!  Putting HOTSHOT in my pockets during bike and run and praying for temps below 90 this year!

What keeps you going?

Lots of reasons – it’s been a lifestyle for over 36 years and I have been running for over 47. My parents were always active. My mom still gets out to do yard work with two knee-replacements at 91! I love the way training and racing make me feel!

How did you hear about HOTSHOT?

Lost in links on the internet….but am sure glad I have found you!

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