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Muscle Cramps

Scientifically proven to prevent and treat muscle cramps. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, and Fitness magazine.

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Learn more about our scientific breakthrough from Craig “Crowie” Alexander, 5X Triathlon World Champion.

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Invented by a nobel prize-winning neuroscientist/endurance athlete.
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Drink a 1.7oz HOTSHOT 15-30 minutes before exercise to boost your Neuro Muscular Performance and prevent muscle cramps. Feel it work from the first kick to the warm afterglow.


Drink a 1.7oz HOTSHOT at the first sign of cramping. It starts working in minutes.


Drink a 1.7oz HOTSHOT after activity to prevent post-exercise cramping.

For best results, avoid food or beverages that may coat your mouth – such as peanut butter, protein shakes or dairy – 10 minutes before drinking HOTSHOT. A clean palate allows HOTSHOT to activate TRP channels in the sensory nerves in your mouth. Tastes even better cold.
Avoid food/beverages that coat your mouth 10 minutes before drinking HOTSHOT. Tastes even better cold.
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It’s revolutionary - how HOTSHOT prevents and stops you from cramping and aids performance.”

Craig "Crowie" Alexander
5x Triathlon World Champion

 HOTSHOT is about stimulating the nervous system. I love to take it right before my hard workouts. I feel very focused.”

Shalane Flanagan
Champion Distance Runner

I used HOTSHOT during my entire marathon trials buildup. I love the way it makes me feel and that it removes the stress of cramps. So many things can go wrong in a marathon. Removing one of the biggest risks, the risk of cramping, is huge.”

Amy Cragg
Champion Distance Runner

I was ready to give up triathlon -- I was ready to give up probably marathon – because it was so frustrating spending all that time and effort to have cramping issues. I was at the end. So, I think this saved me to keep racing and enjoying what I like to do.”

Casey Boren

“We train hard to make it look easy... thanks to HOTSHOT for cramp-free steeplechase training and races!”

Evan Jager
Steeplechase Champion

Thanks HOTSHOT for keeping me cramp-free during this very important time in my training!”

Colleen Quigley
Steeplechase Champion

So far this year I estimate that HOTSHOT has prevented 23 players from cramping throughout the season… I would recommend HOTSHOT to any football coach who is having a problem with cramping.

Dan Hartman
Head Football Coach, Red Devils